Spicy (Bland – B)

There was lad and a lady. The boy lobed her ferociously and tried hard to woo her. She was reluctant but said yes. Then began an epic journey soaked wet in emotion.

The roller-coaster went up and the lady loved him back even more ferociously. The studies went well and the job was easy.

But then came the corkscrew and the parents were tough. They grilled the lad and he had to prove his worth. Then entered a villain who tried to woo her too.
The action sequence made their story a bit spicy.

But in the end the meal was topped with a dessert. They married happily and lived happily ever after.

(What’s a life without spice, eh? Take the trouble as a twist in your story and all shall pass.
Wishing you a very “spicy” life.
– Adwitiya)


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