A Sad Love Story

There was once a lad who went by the name of Lighter. A hot head if you push him to his limits, my word. He was a ferocious lover.

Lighter never left his girlfriend Cigarette alone. He was always with her. Through good times and bad. He was always by her side. Lighter was the kind of guy who would never leave his girlfriend. Through rain he shielded her. And when Cigarette would tell her about her faults, he’d wave them away.

“I can kill someone. Probably anyone who touches me!”, she said.

“So can we all.”, replied he. “We all can kill someone if pushed in the wrong direction. Always remember that you have to make your choices carefully darling.”

One day someone else made the decision for them.

The Lighter kissed the Cigarette and as soon as he did so she went away from him. For the first time he was left alone.

Who can ration with him that someone else made a decision for them. For their fate. For their lives.

Poor Lighter still waits for her to return; not realizing he killed her.


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