I checked the clock once again to see if it has budged or not. But the stubborn creature hasn’t even budged a bit. I try the phone once again and still no answer. It’s really so hard.

I pace the room back and forth and back again and forth again and back again and forth again. What’s taking so long? She’s okay? I hope she is. I move along to the window and peep outside. The sun. The grass. The sky. The houses. The road.

It’s not working. Try calling again.

I once again called. And I started biting my nails in anticipation.

When the door opens and there is my Dame. I rush over to her and hug her.

“It took you so long. I missed you so much. Where was your phone?”, I ask her. “I love you so much.”

She smiled a big smile and hugged me back. Then she quietly whispered in my ear, “I was only gone to the washroom for five minutes Teddy. I love you too.”

It seemed like ages to me Jane. Like ages.


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