At Least

As Logan walked into the doors of the asylum he was once again punched in his guts. An emotional punch which left him out if breath and hazy. His sight grew dim and his lungs felt punctured. Logan thought the world has frozen. He seemed to be frozen in time. Everything seemed to stop.

But it was just a moment which froze. He was torn in between.

He didn’t seem to stop but kept moving. His brown leather jacket which hung over his black tee was suddenly too heavy and was pulling him to ground.

Window after window passed and he kept moving forward without glancing into any of them. He went in front of the doctor appointed to Maria and the doctor did a silent nod.

“What’s special today Logan?”, the doc asked as he removed his jacket and was now dressed fully in black.
“2nd marriage anniversary.”, said Logan.
Logan tied his tie and checked his shoes and mumbled ‘perfecto!’ to himself. The doctor prayed a silent prayer that everything goes fine tonight and lead Logan to Maria’s room.

A solitary cell, more likely.’, thought Logan as they reached the door.

Logan took a deep breath and opened the door.

Maria sat in front of a mirror. Combing her long black hair with a brush. And dressed in a white shirt and skinny white jeans. She was smiling a full big smile and she said to the nurse, “Today is my second marriage anniversary. Logan might be coming home any moment.”

The room was more of a two bhk. With three room which were faux home but spotlessly clean from anything potentially dangerous to life. For all Maria knew, she was in her flat but had medical assistance due to migraine. She looked at the mirror again and saw Logan’s reflection.
Her face turned pale and she turned to him. He saw her and smiled the best he can. He ran a hand through his long hair. She stood expressionless for a few minutes.

He just began to say Happy Anniversary Baby! but till then Maria began.

Her teeth bared and her nails ready to rip his throat she jumped on him screaming at the top of her lungs.


She was crying. Her tears staining her cheek she launched herself at him and scratched his face. For security reasons Logan was Immediately drawn out of the room.

The doctors surrounded him. Maria’s screams can still be heard when everyone began scanning Logan’s face. His upper lip was torn from her lip and bleeding a lot. But still he was smiling. He took his jacket up and before going out the door said,

“At least I got to visit her this year.”


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