The Silence

The rain drenches my soul,
And the aroma of the wet soil,
Reminds me of you.
The crackling fire tells me,
Your tales of valour.
The angel in guise,
Princess in the castle.

The crunching leaves,
Under my foot remind me.
The shattering of rigidity,
The end of silence.
And as I walk I realize,
The noise is as alive as me.

The moon it hides under the grey,
Seems a bit shy to me.
The starry night beyond,
Reminds me of you.
Shivering and shimmering,
Shining in the dark.

And then to my amusement,
I found you next to me.
Your hand underneath mine,
Our fingers intertwined.
Eyes closed in peace.
Her lips move so slight,
I hear a silent whisper.
The angel says, “Hear….
The fire tells me your tale.”

And in my times of joy and sorrow,
I snuggle up to you.
In my darkest days,
I wait for you to be my Sun.
And in night I see you,
Transform to the moon.
My inner wolf howls to you.

Just screams you to me.
Even in the silence.


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