DroopingDrooping… Drooping.
And now they’re closed.

In this moment with us in the same blanket in this foggy December night, you look absolutely absolute. With the eyes drooping in the state of drowsiness you are in but your lips still moving.

Time seems to float away when we are together and the compensation is made by your moving lips. See how they refuse to stop, adorable creature!

And the eyes open again.

The black eyes stare right into my eye and like a spear, pierces right through my shield of pretence into my soul and onto my heart.
“You seem drowsy.”, you say to me as your eyes one again close involuntarily.

“Yes darling, I am a bit sleepy.”, I say with my lips curling into a smile.

“Don’t worry honey you can sleep. I will follow your footsteps to dreamland soon enough.”, you reply with a misty smile on your lips.

I umm-hmm as an answer as I am too busy gazing on your quasi-drunk eyes. They close themselves and I feel you running into a sleep with your breath getting into a monotonic rythm. A consistent beat I can dance to.

You look so perfect my love that I can’t resist the urge to lean over on you and kiss your cheeks. I hold you close in a hug and try to drift off to sleep knowing that I have a beautiful angel in my arms to help me through it all.


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