Will you?

Big fat tears danced around her eye with an expression of strength on her face as of trying to show me she is alright. Her eyes were bloodshot as she looked at me straight into my pupil. And the tear just grew in size. It was defiant not to leave it’s home.

“Are you sure you still want me?”, she said through her lip still swelled. Her expression said that she had surrendered herself to her fate. Lost herself to herself. Ready to face solitude with her scars.

“Obviously you silly woman. I love you and am not going.”, said I and grabbed her into a hug.

“I was afraid that you’d refuse to take me.”, she said as she carefully hugged me so as not to let her bruise hurt.

“Silly woman. You’re mine.”, said I and kissed her forehead.

We never leave those who we truly love. We stick with them, especially in their hard times.
Remember it dear readers. Love is unconditional and firm. If your emotions sways, you don’t love.

Shoutout for Jane Doe.
Alien loves butterflies. Remember that.


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