The Tree Falls Today

On the banks of a brook was a Sakura tree. On which there were leaves which blossomed a lot. And squirrels ran about.

And on that tree was an engraving of two names and a heart, made by the pocket knife which the boy carried everywhere he went. Secretly they went past the city to the forest, to the brook and stopped at the tree.

The animals welcomed them and left them at peace. The sun went down slower and the moon came up later. The ticks on the watch got inaudible and moved very slow.

Today falls the tree to never blossom again. Came the third guy with a reason lame and chopped it to pieces.

The leaves were used as manure to revive the dead ground. The wood was used to make coffins fir those who loved the tree.

And under such a coffin, lay the engraving over the heart of the guy within.


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