Quote Day 2

Today’s theme as promised earlier is love.
And there’ll be three quote today.

Quote 1:
My lady winter, please come and take my soul.
   – Don’t ask Don’t tell by Chelsea Grin

This quote if you hear in the song will give you goosebumps. If you are capable of tolerating Post Hardcore that is. Yeah Yeah I hear death metal too, can we get over it now?
This quote defines love.
It would directly mean even though you are cold hearted, I still sit here and await your arrival. I invite you to come here and take my soul away from me.

Quote 2:
In joy and sorrow my home’s in your arms.
In a world so hollow, it’s breaking my hart.
   – In Joy And Sorrow by HIM

Another song quote. This one is by my favorite band, HIM. HIM is the most beautiful band on this planet if you manage to peel past the heavy metal side and reach love metal. Another of their quotes as follows is extremely beautiful.
Close my eyes. Hold me tight.
And bury me deep inside, your heart.
And all the girls out there reading, Ville Valo looks like Johnny Depp.

Quote 3:
Seek me (For comfort)
Call me (For solace)
For the end of my broken heart.
  – End of Heartache by Killswitch Engage

Again an awesome track by an awesome band. Though this one has screamed lyrics too. (In the acoustic version too). But I recommend this song to every lovelorn person out there.

We have to wait for love. It cooks on you. You may think you are in love but no, it’s like falling into the ground not skydiving. Wait for it and it’ll drag you.

I don’t know who to challenge today.
But let me try to.

1. Justelm.WordPress.com
2. Somebody.WordPress.com
3. Heresnoblog.WordPress.com

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