Quote Challenge, Day 1

This challenge has been sent to me by lifeisafterallbeautiful.WordPress.com and this is seriously challenging.

Not cause I don’t know enough quotes. I started compiling quotes from my favorite songs, movies, books and even advertisements last year. And about fifteen of them are tagged on to my wall. It’s a challenge cause I don’t actually know 9 bloggers to challenge.

So they’re all a shot in the dark.
And this is my first challenge so if I don’t do as it was meant to be, apologies.

Writing a blog majorly focused on love, I know you guys are eager to see a love quote here. But there’ll be three themes for three days. I was a severely pessimistic person before. Then love morphed me into a butterfly. Then I am super optimistic. So the three themes will be Pessimistic, then a love quote and finally a motivation quote.

So today’s quote is;
Into the fire she consumed all their hate.
Silent Hill

Today’s theme is darkness and this hits the nail. Be it video game or movie, the Silent Hill franchise is my favorite.
This quote here reflects brokenness so perfectly. Into the fire she consumed all their hate. All of their hate added fuel to an inferno inside her. All just made push and push forward. And finally tip over. And she burnt herself.

I challenge:




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