O fragile creature of the night! With thy beauty competing the Luna so luminescent! I. Aye, I. Seek thy hand for marriage.

On hearing that she burst in the million pearls of laughter.

And thy shall not repent making the correct but absurd choice of choosing a maniacal husband.

You shut up, she said still laughing.

And thy will be my companion towards the thousand suns and the million days and the billion hours and even yet a bigger number, for I know my numbers till billion only, the seconds of happiness.

Will you please stop now, it’s hurting my stomach, she said gasping for breaths in between her speech.

Thy choose me, or thy not?

Ok, ok. I will marry you. Like I have said numerous times before., she said having a better grip on her voice.

Would you like if I begin my sentence like this when we meet in April?

No. The crowd will kill you, Alien.

The truth you said, Firefly. I love you.

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