Last Espresso Of The Eve

“Excuse me, I need a”
“Yeah yeah, an espresso, no milk. No sugar. Double shot. Super quick.”, said the waiter without a glance at Keith.

“How do you know that?”, asked Keith quite surprised.
“It’s your fifth this evening.”, he said.

Wow!, thought Keith.
“Sorry, I have a date today. My girlfriend. She’ll be here soon. We talked yesterday. And she said she’ll be here at 6. Was out of town. Didn’t notice it’s 9 already. Even her phone’s out of reach. I hope she comes.”

“Don’t worry man. She’ll be back.”, said the waiter. Keith didn’t notice the depressed tone.
The waiter walked behind the counter and said, “One last espresso for the day.”

The owner/brewer turned around and said, “You know the rules Chum. It’s 9. Closing time. Why are you over-working and making me over-worked?”
Chum turned to him and said, “It’s the guy from the accident.”

The owner/brewer said, “The one whos girlfriend died in an accident and still waits for her to come?
The one with amnesia?
Legendary Keith Rogers is in my coffee shop today?”

“Yeah like everyday he’s in the hustle of this market. Been three months since accident.”, said Chum.

“Make the last Espresso of the eve. Put his bill on the house. And don’t forget to place a smile on your face and to wipe the top before leaving. You always leave it filthy.”


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