Blissful Bias

You don’t know the first thing about love., they said to me.

“All I said was that it was not that difficult.”, I replied.

You don’t know, how hard it was for him. How could he manage it? It must’ve been so hard., they quipped.
“All I’m saying is that love is a choice. Not an obligation to be performed. Love is understanding and acceptance. It is bliss.”, I reasoned.

To marry a girl terminally sick! He must’ve gone through a lot. What do you know about it? People like Romeo have suffered in love and killed themselves in love. What for? They loved life as much as you. But they killed themselves. Anyway what do u know? You don’t know anything about loving a person with a hamertia., they accused and went.

It’s because they suffered love, not basked in it’s glory.
And by the way, you are talking about me.


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