I set my Calender? (Newsletter.)

Monthly. I swear this time I’m making it a monthly event.

So, I know you guys are in a mortal peril. (Not exactly)
Because my earliest followers followed me when I wrote stories. Then the best part of me wrote the love stories. (P.s. I am thinking of uploading a .txt file of my best blogs. Just thinking.) Then there was a long pause. And now I am almost totally drowned in the flash fiction area.

I am dynamically creative. I don’t write because I write. Everyday I sit on a blank screen with a keyboard and think, How can I play with words today? Or What would happen if…?
I never ever have a pre-existing idea in my head.
Sometimes while I’m sitting I have a theme in my head. But generally, ecen that not.

I always write free-style. I hope that this dynamic nature of my blog will help me retain readers. Cause that is the one thing I am lacking.

Sometimes, we work really nicely on an idea and we are personally attatched to it. And then it ends up being unread.
Yeah, it feels bad.
(Just so you know.)

So, I’ve been thinking of adding new concepts and new poems.
And I will do that. There will be newer yet concepts and I promise stories.

Let’s do a promise to each other.

Monday– Story
Tuesday– Flash Poetry
Wednesday– Flash Fiction
Thursday– Random Philosophy that I do.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday– I upload whatever I want.

With no fixed themes.
I am still a random writer. I will continue experimenting with themes.

Thank you to every new reader, follower, liker.

To everybody who liked the new blogs, I love, hearty gratitude.

For everything lost and broken,
– Adwitiya

2 thoughts on “I set my Calender? (Newsletter.)

  1. Thanks for participating in my poetry proposition on a Monday – story day. : )
    And the term Flash Poetry works perfectly for a lot of my pieces. I also write different styles, different genres, at different stages. I just let it come out as it wants to. Always coming fast and furious. Not enough time to get it all out of my notebook and onto my blog.
    Nice meeting you. I like your style.

    Liked by 1 person

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