Another Dream

What would you do?

If I say right now that you and me are on a boat. In the middle of a lake, in the middle of the night, in the middle of December. With the moon full, and our glasses full, and our stomachs full on the food I cooked? And nothing on our minds.

With misty and foggy nights which does nothing but adds more fuel and the reflection of the moon on the water gives Luna another twin sister to play with. And as we do nothing, say nothing, hear nothing; the silence takes place amongst not only us but the nature too. And it does nothing but adds serenity too it. We just simply look into each other, at each other but not over us; but all over us.

What would you do?

If I say that as you look into my eyes and I look into your’s, I lean across you in my trench coat and begin lighting the candles on the hem of the boat. The hull of the row boat and behind you and behind me. And as I light the thick candles of the whitest white I could find, we begin shimmering like a vessel flying over the sky at night, just a lot more brighter. And the wind blows slightly making the mist around us move a little faster than us but not hard enough to snuff out the candles.

What would you do?

If I say that after this I gently lean over your frame and drape my palms over your neck first, slowly tracing your throat, then over to your face, first the back of my fingers trace your cheeks and then, they go behind your head and into your hair. My thumbs in front of your ears. And then my thumb traced circular patterns on your cheek. All till the time you do something.

Tell me.
What would you do?


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