For Love

(WARNING:This is a dark themed story. I hope you like it. It is not what I generally write but I want to today. I love being in love and this is just a part of my imagination of being killed by love. If you are not comfortable with it, don’t read it.)

A breath in. And I see your beautiful face above me. A breath taking sight as your hair fall over your face and almost out hide the tears streaming down your cheek. Your hands on my throat delicate but harsh. And as I look into your eyes I go through every moment we had together, once again.

The day we met in the cafeteria and the day we had coffee together in the shack. The day you quietly stole my box of cigarettes and the day we went on the ride uphill on a bike.

I find it hard to do it but I exhale. And as I do so, my vision starts to darken. I feel the pressure building up on my head and the nerves popping. I see stars and your face before me begins to blur. And your nails almost dig my nape but they won’t bleed.

As I hear the sound of your breath intake in several hicks and stammering as you were crying, I went through a few more of our memories. The day I kissed you for the first time. And the day I met your parents. The day you shifted in with me and the day I brought you food in the bed. The day I fell sick and you took care. The day I got the acceptance and you were so glad.

I try to inhale again but I’m not able to do so. And finding me trying to inhale you increase the pressure on my throat. A cry of mourning escapes your mouth as you find the end nearing. Nothing more happens and nothing less. I can’t see anymore but the ghost your face in agony is I front of me. You body is straddling my chest which adds even more pressure. And I finally feel the closing closing in on me.

No explanation given to me and none want.
And just before I lose my senses, I mutter and I hope you can hear
“If this is what you want. For love.”


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