Songs For The Falls

Autumn. There are a million reasons to hate them, but one reason to love it. The fallen golden leaves on the asphalt make everything look pretty. And walking down the bicycle path Gabe couldn’t help but notice the beauty.

He was slowly humming to himself a gently song. Gabe had a hop in his walk and a happy-go-lucky attitude. Ruffled hair and a trench-coat. Something that he didn’t knew. Something that he had never heard and he would never remember it again. The song was in some foreign language and no interpreter could interpret it. It was an incomplete song. With nothing but notes in between and empty spaces. Words were spent with an extremely disregarding carefulness at a random level.

“Hmm hmm la la,
Spring and the Sakura.
Hmm la la-LAAAAAAA
The spring went out with Sakura.”

Gibberish and nonsense. Fanatical fantasy. And to a critic, worthless and hopeless.
But ask how much the lovers smiled when they saw him. And admire it with a stargazer’s eye.


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