She stood in the alley and garsped as much of him as she could; all the while pretending to be oblivious of his presence. She was playing it well under the coy that she was deeply engrossed in the chit-chat with her friends, a technique that her sex had been able to master completly.

A fish out of the water, she thought. And true enough, he seemed to be out of the place. His hair were shaggy and eyes wwere behind glasses. His shirt, which didn’t fill his bony structure well, was a bit tucked out of his baggy trousers. In his lousy handwriting he had handwritten a quote on the left wrist. He was tall and his hair were black.

It was not his description that made him an alien. The same was applicable to nerds too. But it was the way he carried himself. Tall and straight with his head always staring at his shoes. Dominant and supressed at the same time. His eyes were swelled and his hair were never kept. His wrists had lines lighter than the remenant of his skin and he always looked lost. He never mingled in and never opened up. He would speak either in loads or none at all.

He’s a FREAK! The others would often comment. But she was strangely attracted towards him. He was a flame that the moth was attracted to. The stranger he got, the more attracted she was towards him. Maybe she wanted to see if he was real. Moreover, he was opaque! He was foggy and misty. A moonless cloudy night. He was vague and she wanted to know. She wanted to know his thoughts. She wanted to see, to know, why was he so strange. She wanted to know why he could never fit. She wanted to know what made him, him.

What others took as a freak-trait, she looked at it as mystefying and interesting. To her, he was not the ordinary but beyond it. She took to him as the human Mona Lisa. As a book freshly printed and awaiting critical appriciation. Like a drunkard  who needs support to quit drinking.

But why would such a special person even bother to look at me? Let alone talk to me!, she would often say to herself.

Little did she knew that if she asked him what she wanted, she’d be doing him a favour and saveing a life.


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