I was sitting at my table,
Working on a piece.
She she came singing her favourite fable,
My cute little Denise.
“Look daddy”, she said to me
“I’ve got a handful of stardust.”
Her face was amber with glee,
In her hands was amber glitterdust.
“I got the angel’s stardust daddy,
Look it is so pretty.
I went up to a huge angel today, really!
And he said, ‘you can borrow this, lady.’ ”
She sat on my lap and mused at the shade,
I sat with her thinking of her mother,
And how a good bye she bade.
And how she got her hair from the other.
And as she sat on my lap,
With her head on my shoulder
I couldn’t help but sap
“It’s more like Moonsugar ” so don’t get bolder.


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