Self Cannabalism

Now there is a reason behind why I don’t like the laptop for the purpose of writing. I can’t use auto correct and that leads to a lot more work, I have to point and place and then place the hyphens and the inverted comas and what not. All the periphery of punctuation leads to a lot more work on the laptop and leads to be more time consuming.

But I also love writing on a laptop because of the shorter keyboard and the actuality of a keyboard and tangible buttons feel so good on the fingers my speed is not hampered at all, I can type faster on the keyboard.

And yes you are right, I am using a laptop at the current moment to write this blog.

The thing is that I must’ve done something or the other wrong. ‘Cause I find it very hard for my readers to stick around for long, and that makes me confused. I mean if I don’t write daily, I lose my consistent readers for good and for the obvious reasons I cannot blog daily. I must’ve been wrong at someplace that something is wrong and my readers don’t stick around. And I don’t understand  that something because other bloggers seem to be writing in periods undefined are being read. I don’t know what I do wrong.

The point here is that I have been cannibalizing myself. I have a sudden urge to write a lot of times and I didn’t blog more than one blog (with the exception of a few days in between) for the fear of how can the readers read? Now I have surpassed the fear of being read and have attained the point of self-actualization and I am now writing for myself.

Just joking.

I am creating another category called “Self cannabalism” in which I will upload the posts I have self cannabalised by uploading more than one in the same day. The second thing to be told is now I have all the periphery to work on my novels and poem books. So, I’ll write them now. Super excited for them.

You guys don’t read me. But still, I love you all.

– Adwitiya


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