La Fleur De Nuit

Long long back I read a book which was a compilation of horror short stories, it was titled “666: The number of the Beast”. In it was a story I really really liked about a spirit eater. She was fondly called La Fleur de Nuit, Which in French means night flower. This all of a sudden came to me because like the protagonist of the story, Benjamin, I too met with someone all most randomly and I have the same symptoms that Benjamin had. I’ve began falling asleep!

That is something that haven’t happened to me for a long long time. I was almost  convinced that I am suffering from insomnia just two weeks back and now I fall asleep. I don’t care if it’s healthy or not, I just hate sleeping. The idea that I could’ve done so much in the 8-10 hours I slept, really agitates me.
So now you know why I wasn’t blogging properly.

I’ve been the victim of La Fleur de Nuit.

But this is not the only reason why all of a sudden I am communicating with my readers. I need your help.
I really do, and to everybody reading this I request a share. Share this thing around.

“You threw a spark that light a candle and set us all on fire.
And spread the flame down the East Coast.” – Jersey (Mayday Parade)

It was important to quote Mayday Parade here.
Oh Elm! You threw a spark that resurrected a candle…
If you are wondering, I am talking about here. She resurrected a dead project in me.
A silly project which had to die. Simply had to. But now it is resurrected back like the Count Dracula in the second book of Department 19 by Will Hill.
P.s. Still no college and am still averaging 3 days per book. I’ve been reading a lot lately. So much so that now I quote books all the time.

So, I’m a follower of the elm. And she recently posted about how she with two of her blogger friends began a blog. A combined compilation blog. And that reminded me of how I began or tried to began a compilation and collaboration blog of my own waaaaaaay back. I was friends with two of the world’s most awesome blogger then and ever since school ended, we’re out of touch. Unfortunate tragedy. But for the better or worse the have ceased blogging too, though temporarily or permanently, I don’t care. If you have free time and want to try something new please do visit their blogs. They are and respectively.

Now, I have a head filled with weird ideas. Like I name a friend of mine who is a medical student dissect – or cause she performs autopsy. And I do funny things to my guitar to somehow enhance the reverberation inside it. It includes masking tape, newspapers and loads and loads of wood blocks by the way. Similarly, when I began blogging I was nuts about blogging. Wait, I still am nuts about blogging, I just don’t have accomplices now. So I had this weird thing going on back then, in which I wrote and wrote blogs about a fictional teen romantic novel or something. School and a couple and stuff like that.

The idea was to begin a blog about the same thing. Not so creative, I know. And make a teenage love triangle. Hopless, I know. And then enact the thing out on the blog. Pathetic, I know. The thing is that now, I have a will to do it again.
The problem?

I haven’t written something like that since at least past 5 months. And I got a female co-blogger now who is a poet by default. And has never written a story. Forget about the hopeless love fiction that’s too dumb to be completed.
Where does your help come in between?

Join us. I mean the best way to do something or get something over with is to just do it. If you want to or don’t want to please let me know. I am eager to begin with this thing. And you know what the thing is?
You don’t have to be exceptionally good at it either. For my friend has never ever written a story and I haven’t touched stories in 5 months. I’ve been consistently writing poems.

Let me know if you are interested.
Email me:
LinkedIn me or Tweet me or fb me or better still WordPress me.
Do anything just comment below on this two simple words. “I Do” and I will approach you myself.

Godspeed my friends. See you soon.
– Adwitiya


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