Should I?
Maybe I should not. But I want to. I want to steal it.
But, she might get upset.
There’s no way I can do so without her knowledge. She will know it that I stole. But I can’t resist it.

“The coffee here is really good, right?”, she asks me breaking my thoughts.
“Yeah. Totally.”, I replied.
“Do you mind, I mean me making you wait and all? You ordered a single shot espresso and I really enjoy my cappuccino consumption slow. ”
” I don’t mind. I’ll enjoy admiring your looks till then. ” I replied which was mostly true.
“You flirt!”, she replied with a giggle.

Seriously? How could you even say that? “I’ll admire your looks.” You perverted or something?
Get a handle brother.
But I really can’t resist the urge.
I know. I know. Maybe, maybe she won’t get angry.
I’ll make it quick.
What if she gets annoyed?
She will.
She might give you a glare.
Might slap you.
Might stand up and leave.
Might go to her home and never talk to me again.
Maybe she will tell everyone what a pervert I am.
But have a look at her!
She’s so beautiful.
Know what?
What bro?
You’re overthinking.
Am I?
Remember what Phil Knight says.
“Just do it. “
You will.
Will you?
I didn’t hear you!

” YES! “, I say out loud, startling most of the people around me.
” whatwasthat? “, she asked.
” Nothing”, I mumble embarrassed.

Great, embarrass yourself.

Thinking that I just leaned on my side closed to her and quickly stole a kiss on her cheek.

Guess what bro? I did it.


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