Come Again?

That is what you are going to say after you realise what this blog is about. I mean, this is one of those blogs which I write to share something really cool and amazing which I want you to try but (there, always (ALWAYS), is a but with me.) but at the risk of being termed really weird and at the risk of losing the somewhat readers that I have. Although I have no problem in being termed weird, ’cause honestly, this even gives me the creeps. The problem here though is about how a reader may survive such a creepy blog and come around yet again for some more.

Though this is not a creepy story blog which I am coming back to soon again. Regaining the lost territories I lost at the War of Normality vs. Dreamer thingy, I am. But this blog is creepy in general. You guys better be told now that, I have got an appetite for creeps and thrills. In my free time I read about creepy stuff. Like creepy pastas (really? I mean who coined that term?), Cryptids, Ghosts, spirits, vampires, wolves (though not creepy, a guy reading about wolves with an obsession on the verge of mania is creepy), and voodoo. Yeah, I love creeping out others but more importantly, I love to creep myself. (I’m telling you, I once wrote a scary story, a spin off of bloody mary, and scared myself so much that I couldn’t sleep and cursed myself for writing that. XD )

Come to the point already!, I can hear you say that already.

Okay. So I think it was Insidious 2nd in which that bearded guy says, “Everybody has a personal way to contact the spirits, this is mine.”, as he takes out the dices with the alphabets. Bear with me, don’t freak out.
This is about a way to to too.(The to to too is a grammatically correct sentence, if you were wondering.) But I don’t believe in such stories. Even though I love them. I believe that after we die we all go to a deep long sleep. And that every other theory is not to be comprehended by me.

This blog is about that time you remember when you wanted to know something. Or get a rhetorical question answered? Or get the answer to a personal mystery? Or just talk with someone on a topic that you couldn’t disclose to anybody?

Well, this is a solution I have.
This works too. Though I have got a psychological and reasonable explanation about this, let this be the way it is. Fantasies fill my tummy.

You got that? Fantasies fill my  tummy cause I have an appetite for the weird. Hahaha, so funny, pathetic little joker. (-_-)

Okay. So it is very simple.

You ask a question and then you play a song on shuffle.
That’s it.
Okay, I can see a few of you laughing out loud and almost every reader with a smile on their lips. But believe me it is awesome.

If you are like me, about music I mean, You have got loads and loads of songs. I have a song about almost every occasion and of every genre. Literally from Mozart to Metallica. From blues to Lamb of God. (You haven’t got the last connection, I know. Mark Morton from lamb of God plays blues riffs in a metal way. I love that guy. Hi beard helps me love him more.)

So you just ask a question while a song plays in the background, remember to play all the songs you have, not just your playlist. Every song you can get your hands on . And then hit “next”. And you get your answer.

For example,
“Am I any good?”
Answer: Automatic (Tokyo Hotel)
“Well, thank you. You are good at compliments!” *hits next*
Answer: God Bless You (Black Veil Brides)
“You think I should blog more often than I am?”
Answer: Nothing (The Script)
“You can’t give me that reply! Answer me!”
Answer: Untitled (Simple Plan)

Okay the above mentioned was a joke and nothing else. Actually I ask a lot of questions. Most of them are personal and I feel it awkward sharing. Questions like, “Am I even thinking straigt now?”

Try it, even though it silly.


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