The pain in my chest,
Something laid to rest.
The reason why I survive,
The reason I can’t breathe lest.

The calm before a storm,
The silence before a riot.
Nocturn. The night is born.
When glances I steal.

My medication my bane.
My darling in vain,
I try to keep my pace.

To go on.
Further away and away from you.

But can you steal,
The music from the instrument?
The illumination from the illuminator?
The shivers from the cold?
The nostalgia from the bold?

But sure you can depart.
Depart from your senses,
To screen away the light.
To cast away the might.
To hide beneath the height.

But what’s in it?
To stay alive and not be alive?
To see but not feast the eyes?
To hear but not heed the noise?
To taste but not eat the poise?

My Amor.

It’s in the eyes we have,
The voice we speak
And the ears we hear.

Through which we express our love.
Which our souls, but one, share.


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