A home is not necessarily a tanglible place with a comfy bed though some peoplefind home in their own bed. The bed that now is called thee bed. The bed they’ve been sleeping on for the past few years of their lives, with their blanket that they refuse to wash. Therefore, many people fight over why they will not share their bed with anyone at all. Because it’s their home. The same is the reason why they can’t sleep when their pillow is switched, or the bedspread is changed or simply not sleeping on their bed. They feel that they are not at home.

For every individual, home means a little something else. Therefore I say that home means more than just bricks and cement or wood and nails.

Some find home where family is. Some people find home in a particular jacket that they were gifted by their sibling, some find it in a mug of coffee. Some find home on a specific scenic route while some find home in their vehicle.

And that is the reason why I love you.

I love you cause I find home in you.

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