While writing this blog, believe me, I’m going through a lot of peril. And the reason is the same that has been from forever I guess. And to be a bit more insightful and revealing, I just finished a book called “Th1rteen R3asons Why”. And it was about teenage broken-ness and about how a teen who commits suicide leaves 13 audio tapes to 13 people who recieve all of them and how the protagonist is a lad who was in love with the girl who was broken and she explains all throughout her audio tapes what exactly was she feeling.

I know that this is not what everybody is used to reading, and that this is something that most of the people will not even read. At least not in my country. And that this is something that I particularly should not have read myself as I have often been discribed as “A molten, semi-liquid glass” who is very easy to leave an imprint on. And right now I am contemplating the brokenness of the whole thing that the girl was going through. (Though the book spoiled a bit of my next read as the girl character was named Hannah which also happens to be the name of a girl from the “Blue Blood” series which is going to be my next read (I read a portion of it in a book which was a compilation of the best horror stories and called 666 and I loved the part so much that I almost wrote a fanmail to Mellisa de la Cruz (I’ve been on a reading spree in the past two months and have read more than 11 books I guess and today’s book I started today. (I love talking inside a parenthesis, which I mis-spelled, exactly like an author I adore a lot, John Green, talks by having numbered bullets amidst of paragraphs.)

And I was going through the book two things were extremely clear to me.
Numero uno: I am going to ask the question on my blog that “What is a normal teenage life like and what exactly is the defenition of a friend?”
Numero dos: I am going to blog a blog about dating or having dated a dead person.

The Numero Uno:
Exactly like the girl who commits suicide in the novel, hereby reffered as Hanna, I too did not had a normal teenage. Which is rapidly passing away as I am eighteen. I had a lot of transfers, actually it was my father that had all the transfers I just moved towns with him; which is actually worse than the girl in the novel as she just had one transfer and just once did she had to go through it all. And I’ve always said to everybody who ever considered me a friend or gave me the liberty to call them a friend, that I don’t know how it feels like to have lived on the same street for more than two years and that I don’t know how it is like to know the same people all through the life.

Moreover, it is no big mystery as I have always been frank about it both in my life and on my blog that I have been ignored by my peers most of my life. To think of it I am probably the only guy on the planet who went to his school farewell party to be recieved by “Hey! What’s your name?”. Seriously, it’s true. So can my readers describe me what exactly a normal teenage life is? The more the better as I know that you all are multi-cultural. Some are from UK, most are from India or US. Describe a typical day in your teenage life and uplaod it on your blog and comment me the hyperlink if you may please. Also the more privileged of you can text me. Incidentally, I don’t Facebook or Kik. I don’t know why but they don’t appeal to me.

Second question for you to answer is: “How would you describe a friend?”
Well, this question has been eating me up since I read Nicholas Sparks’ “A Walk To Remember” (Awesome awesome novel by the way. I kept wondering how someone could imagine something both beautiful and grave at the same time but later on came to know thesa ta happen in front of his eyes. His sister had terminal cancer and her boyfriend still married her.) The reason being the protagonist in that novel says the exact following words: “Who I talk to school and who I see after school are two different things.” And honestly, never ever a friend of mine came to my home. Just one of my friends come to my home and all through my 18 years worth of life, I have just once been for a nightover.
Just once.
Yes once.
Don’t think that I am a loner just yet.
I have never been on a date too.

Now you can think of me as a loner. (Hahaha sarcastic!)

So, let’s just say that I call a person who I met on YouTube and who stays in UK and has commuted with me only via emails, my friend. Is that weird? I don’t know. Explain to me a friend in the comment section so I can know what a friend is.
(Downer, am I not?)

The Numero Dos:
How does it feel to have dated or loved a dead person.
A friend of mine (I keep calling and saying a friend of mine, even though they’ve all refused contaact with me. Forced by habit maybe, I am.) blogs and once blogged something within those frame of words and I asked her about it and she said somebody in her family went through that. At that time I was intrigued by the same (please don’t mind my mis-spells) and wrote a lot on dating a dead person.

Not having dated a dead person but dating a dead person. Like a zombie love from a human lover. Apparently, I wrote a lot of paranormal love and paranormal stories and if you are into that, check the categories, it has got categories like “not so humane” and “paranormal” and “insanity” cause I also wrote a lot of crime and insanity fiction. What can I say, I am an elaborate and huge writer. With a lot of write up too.

Also that I am weird.

So you can expect a lot of that sort of blogs. In fact the next one is about the same category. Hope you enjoy it all.

Through the good and the bad.
Your friend from across the distance, over the net.
– Adwitiya


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  1. A friend is someone who you can share things with. Who you can talk to and they’ll be there for you. And they can be in another country, or you don’t HAVE to have met them, but they’re STILL your friend.

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