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My Little Piece Of Heaven

And in a little while
For a little while
I’ll be
In my little piece of heaven
Everything for my everything
Everything for this everything
Every thing always has been
For this very thing
For my little piece of heaven
And soon I’ll rejoice
Sing off-key and hop terribly alike
And soon I’ll go back
To my everyday life
But for now I’m awake
And I feel alive
Because it may be for a little while
But I’ll be in my own
Little piece of heaven
In just a little while

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Lost Between The Lines

Here’s to the old ones
The ones who know what I am saying
The ones who remember an angel
The ones who remember winter
The ones who remember the stories
Here’s to the ones with secrets between books
Roses hidden in novels
Letter hidden within letters
Love confessed between the lines
Reading faith underneath the words
Repeating poets and Poe’s verse
Here’s to the ones
Who still remember
Because before long they’ll be gone
And the messages between the lines
Will be lost
And forever buried between the lines

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Bury Me

I want to live in your arms. Be the light of your eyes. And be buried in your heart. To begin with you and to end at you is all that I desire. To be what you want, to be how you want, to be all that you need, is my dearest desire. To be in your arms, and be buried in your heart is all that my I aspire.

I want a room, don’t care if it’s a small one, inside you heart. I’ll pay my dues regularly. I’ll pay the rent timely. Punctually. Right on the nose. I want to live in the northern state of Cardiac district. I’ll drive up and down to work, the driving doesn’t bother me. Because I’ll return home everyday. The home in your heart. And feel your peaceful light wash all over me, reviving me from any depths of sorrow or grief I’d be in and bathing me back in joy.

I want to live in your heart, be the cherries of your sight! Bury me in your heart heart and I assure I’ll be with you every hour of every day in jus a few years.

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The Sonority Of Your Requiem

Years! I can’t believe it has been years since I’ve heard the words for the first and the last time. Still they reverb, resonate, recoil, and echo in my ears. I don’t believe it’s been years. But it has been.

It has been years since you’ve been gone. Leaving me here. Cursed. Every day looks like a year. Every year a century. I’ve grown old and aged and decayed. And still I stroll the earth. Confined in spirals and columns. Trapped between arches and passages. Without your light brightening them, every thing looks like a cold, heartless dungeon. Without the cadence of your smile, the sun has withered and dried and decayed. And the moon refuses to come out in the absence of your sight and stays hidden behind the cloaks of clouds. Every hour a week. Without your voice, every second an hour.

And still… It seems as if it was just now that I was there. Watching your pale, lifeless face for the last time. And hearing those words as you were lowered.

The sonority of your requiem resides in me. The sonority of your requiem lulls me to sleep. The sonority of your requiem consoles me. The sonority of your requiem keeps me awake at night. It’s the sonority of your requiem that calms my terrified psyche. And it’s the sonority of your requiem that keeps me aware of the never-ending nightmare of suffering the pain.

And when I roam these halls. Cursed to be so. Forever here. Forever cold. Forever awake. Forever dull, lifeless, pale. It’s the sonority of your requiem that accompany me.

They’re the closest something can ever come to being you. It’s my companion now. My partner. Always and forever by my side. Tormenting and consoling me.

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On Fish and Martin

In this world
Of bowls of fish
Where everyone
Stuck in spherical prisons
Swimming around in the small
Shell of a world
Where everyone can see everything
But can never dare to leap
And be free

In this world
Where everyone is living
(Maybe not even living)
Inside fishbowls
She’s a Martin
Soaring and flying high
Leaving the mighty eagle behind
Soaring all around the world
And still returning back home

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I want you to weather with me
I want to see you morph
Watch you grow
Help you ripen
I want to see you smile
Every day
And watch the corners of your mouth
Crinkle and overlap
Loosen and wrinkle
And watch your smile retain it’s light
All throught the years

I want to watch you work
And cook with me when you come home
And watch your hands grip
Working elequently
And watch it mature
Age like a wine
One day, it’ll be so weathered
And I will watch it retain it’s strength
Holding mine throught the years

I want to watch your eyes through time
And see their glasses get thicker
I’ll watch you fumble for your glasses
And squint at fine print
And ask me to thread your needle
Still I’ll see them retain their light
And watch them get mature
With time you’ll weaken your sight
But their youth with endure

And I’ll watch you weather
By my side
Notice you staying young
As your body gets old

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I swear
I’ve never seen anything
Prettier than what I’m seeing
Right now
The innocence and sobriety
Dripping off your closed eyes
And grace residing in your curves
The turn on your cheek
The roundness on your lips
Like a child you grip
Arms around me
Fingers clutching my shirt
Burrowing deeper in my chest

And I swear
I look down at your face
And stroke your hair

And become incapable
Of doing anything else

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Walk With Me

Walk with me
Hand in hand
Arm in arm
And smell the scent of grass
As we walk barefoot on them
Let them tickle you
Let me feel your giggles shake me
And sonorous chuckles
vibrate my ribs
Walk with me
By my side
Our strides matching
In sync
In rhythm
And see the fireflies surround us
And see me see you
Taking you in
Memorizing every curve
and every corner
Walk with me
Accompany my every step
And I promise
We’ll walk on the roads that the moon makes
On the surfaces of lakes

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Climbing in with tired eyes
Pulling up the sheets to our chins
You turn your face to me
And whisper
“Take me home”
While unconsciously
Fluffing the pillow
Under your head

You open your eyes to look at me
And the room shines
As my heart floods with the warmth
Of a thousand suns

“Coming,” I whisper
As I roll on top of you
And stuff my arms under your back
Anchoring myself to the shore
So that I don’t float away in the sea
And get lost

I kiss both your cheeks
And shut the windows to your soul
With locks made from my lips
And bury my face in your neck
Nuzzling closer to you

I feel your arms
Ropes from the harbor
Tying me to land
Wrap around my back
And I hear a hint of a smile
In the warm breath you exhale down my neck
As you finally arrive
Your home