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Ep 007: Anthropomorphism: What makes us, US

There are two things that make us us. Those two things are very beautiful. And I think that they are exclusive just to us humans. And those two things are Pareidolia and Anthropomorphism, and these two things are what I’m going to talk about today. Let’s begin with the first thing first, what is Pareidolia and why does it matter?

If we break the word into its constituent, parts we get para and eidolon. Para means beside or along with, or instead of, and, Eidolon, means image or shape. So, put together Pareidolia means “instead of image or shape”. Pareidolia is not something that it is a disease, but it’s an inbuilt innate ability of the human brain for the incorrect perception of stimuli. What does that mean? Let me give you an example. And you’re going to instantly recognize what I’m talking about right here. Have you ever seen that image taken by one of the rovers and by NASA, of that Face on Mars? Many people say that that image is actually proof for alien existence because it looks so much like a human being and conspiracy theorists theorize that alien species existed on Mars at some point and they carved a face on the side of a mountain, on the top of a mountain, I beg your pardon. But when we send other rovers, but on Mars, we could not find the same face ever again. And what conspiracy theorists say is that NASA is trying to hide aliens from us. And NASA doesn’t want us to know that aliens exist, and so on and so forth. But what is actually happening is that they there wasn’t a face on the mountain, to begin with. It was just a mountain and the light fell on the mountain in such a way that we ended up seeing a face that wasn’t there. There are countless examples of pareidolia and you, personally, have faced many of them.

If I draw two dots, and a closed bracket or an open bracket in front of it, you are going to tell me that that are not two dots and brackets which tell me that that is a smiley face because we tend to see human faces everywhere. Now, why do we have it? Let us just get done with the boring stuff quickly out of the way. Why do we have pareidolia? When we used to live in the wild, it helped us understand that there is a predator nearby. If we looked into bushes, and we saw just bushes and nothing else, we wouldn’t see the animal hiding behind it who was sneaking through the leaves of the bush and who ultimately ate us. But because of pareidolia, our brain went to this form of having safety before then having conformity and thus we see faces everywhere now, even when they are not. Precaution is always better than cure. And it’s always better than that in the case of predators, so, brain decided to show us faces, even when they are not just in case it is a predator. Now pareidolia is not limited to just faces, it is just spread everywhere. For example, there is a Jim Carrey movie by the name of The Number 23, which talks about people having a regular faith in themselves in finding the number 23 everywhere.

It is a real condition. And I know that the Jim Carrey movie received terrible reviews and it has just 8% on Rotten Tomatoes, but the condition is actually very real. People do end up going crazy because they think they can link everything to the number 23. That is another example of pareidolia. Another very popular example of pareidolia would be people seeing hidden meanings in songs when they are played backwards. There are Beatle songs that say John is alive. There are Him songs that say Save me from Satan. Things like that and so forth. That is another example of pareidolia in the case of auditory stimuli. We can also say that UFOs are also a form of pareidolia.

But coming to the matter at hand, how does it make us human? Let me give you an example. If you have seen the Pixar movie UP, you know that it’s a very beautiful movie about a man doing something very beautiful for his wife who has passed away and is accompanied by an eight-year-old child and a golden retriever. A very cute film indeed. But during the first five minutes of the movie, it takes a very sad tone. And if you have seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about. But what I’m talking about right over here is that when Carl and Ellie, who are the characters in the movie, go to a picnic on top of a hill, when they were young, they tend to see animals in the clouds because they were very fond of adventure, and wildlife. But when they were planning to have a baby, all they could see in the clouds was babies. And first five minutes of the film, the film doesn’t have much dialogue. It tends on cues to tell us what is happening and in that scene what they are trying to tell us is how human Carl and Ellie are. And that is an example of pareidolia in the form of the animation telling us through pareidolia that the animation itself is so human. And even though we know that these are just characters drawn on paper, and it is nothing but CGI, we feel bad and we cry when Ellie dies, no matter how cold-hearted you are. That is one of the saddest openings in any film ever. This makes us human because it gives us a form of projection. When Carl and Ellie are trying to have a baby, they see babies everywhere, even in the clouds and when we are sad, we think everything around this is sad. We find rain to be sad because of pareidolia.

This enriches life with a sense of life being everywhere around us. This makes us very human. But the second thing that makes us human is anthropomorphism.

Now, what is Anthropomorphism? -ism is a linguistic term which converts a word into a noun, to its peculiarity. But let’s leave that out of the way for now. Anthropo- meaning human and morph means to change something. Anthropomorphism is to change something into a human. And I know that you are a little bit confused with all these definitions that I’m giving right now, but you have had personal experience with this one as well. For example, how many times have you found yourself talking to nothing but the soft toy in your room and I know that this is an odd example to give but that is an example of Anthropomorphism in itself. In Hindi, we have the sayin, “Chaho to pathtar bhi bhagwaan hai.” Which means that if you set your heart to it, even a piece of stone turns into God. That is because many times we chip away at rocks, marble and create statues and in the case of Hindus, we just pray to oval pebbles themselves because we think that that is one of the forms of our deity. And we treat the piece of rock like a human. We treat that rock so much so like a human that we take good care of it, we talk to it, we wash it, feed it, and everything in between.

Another example from an animated series would be the Plank from Ed, Edd and Eddie. You remember that cartoon its very 90s and I’m sure you do not know it if you were born after 2005. But in that show, one of the characters used to have a wooden plank on which he has drawn eyes and the mouth in the form of a smile. He carries that everywhere he can, and says that this is my friend by the name of Plank. That is an example of anthropomorphism in animated series. And I’m sure now you can relate to things in your very own life yourself. If I take a puppet, you are going to say that it is a puppet, right, you’re going to say that it is a human, you’re going to talk to where if I move its mouth with my hands. If I take a sock in front of you, and I put my hand on it, if I take two tennis balls, draw big black circles in the middle of the balls, and then put the balls on the sock and then move my hand and my thumb to make it talk… You are no longer going to agree with me that this is just so you’re going to give it a persona yourself you’re going to say that this is a human being now. Then this is a sock puppet now. And this is what makes us human.

Why am I bringing this up? I lost my fish today. I had a fish which I had affectionately named phisie, but it was spelled phi-siE. fishy busts away this morning. And I was genuinely filled with sadness. I, at some point, went to my room and I was in tears because I had lost my fish. It’s nothing that has happened. That hasn’t happened to me before. I have lost pets before. I have lost a dog before. I have lost many fishes before. But this was the first time that I went ahead and saved this fish from someone who was mistreating it. I fed the fish many times myself. I named the fish myself. And that is the root cause of almost sadness today because I have trouble more faced by fish. If you have ever had a dog, or a bird or a rabbit, any animal if you have ever had a pet, even if it was a pet frog, you can leave it with this. You have named your pets before you called them by the name and you talk to them you give them food properly. If you step on its foot, you apologize. And if you see the sad image of an animal trapped in a cage and if you look at those big eyes, you feel sad because of anthropomorphism.

This is exclusive to humans. No other animal treats other animals because the thing that that belongs to their own species, this is belonging just to us it is an innate ability that we have within ourselves. Only we anthropomorphize. If you have had a dog, you call it by a name that is human. I have seen dogs with more human names and have meant humans with more dog-like names I kid you not. I had a dog And I named it Rambo because whenever the movie Rambo was on the telly, the dog would sit on the sofa and he would actually watch the film. Now, you know I know deep into my heart that the dog did not watch the movie but it seems to me like the dog what’s the movie and that is what anthropomorphism is all about. I took the dog and I converted it into a human. And I left it like a human. I lost fishy today. And I took fishy which was a beautiful gourami and it was not a gourami, by the way, it was a Shubunkin. I’m sorry. She was a Shubunkin. And as soon as I said that sentence, I have a huge smile on my face right now because I didn’t mention fishy as “it” I mentioned fishy as a “she”, which is again, entrepreneur facing her. If you have ever lost a pet, you felt sadness. And it’s a sadness unlike any other. Trust me, that is something that everybody is going to face. Sooner or later, right? Nobody’s immortal. And death is sad. If it’s that a human being we can say that that’s justifiable because humans are humans and we feel for them, we have a real connection with them. They must have helped us in the past. They are related to us by blood genetically we feel for them. But when you lose a pet, you lose a pet because you have formed a relationship with the pet. After you have anthropomorphized them. You have a real connection with the pet because it took the animal as the animal, you converted it into a human being, and then love that like a child, which essentially makes it a child. And I know that it makes no sense that I am making the stand for my fish… like my own child? Even I know how absurd it sounds, but at the same time I know how real it feels to you as well. I am always going to miss fishy, fishy he was very near and dear to me. And every time I would go to her and I would put my lips on the walls of her fishbowl, fishy would come up to me and she would kiss me through the glass and it was such a beautiful thing to see and have had in my life.

Phishie is irreplaceable because I have anthropomorphized her and loved her like a human being. It’s you are a human being. Right now I’m talking to my phone, I can see the numbers moving up, it’s 18 minutes and some seconds. And for a second they forget that I am just in an empty room talking to phone and not talking to you in person. And till the point that I don’t remind you that you are listening to my voice on your phone through plastic and metal in your ear, that I’m not right in front of you talking to you, because you have taken the voice and had pareidolia with it. We’re all humans. And these two things are what make us human. These are the things make us kind of make us gentler with things, with animals with plants. With inanimate objects as well.

I have been known to anthropomorphize everything ever since I was a child. When I was a baby, I got this pillow from family friends, and I had for the longest time and I had a name for this pillow. And it was my best friend till third grade, which is way too old to have an imaginary friend. But even today, last year, I was given a pillow as a gift by someone very special to me, and I call it Small Boss. And when I ultimately tore the pillow that I had that I was a giant, I felt sad and I cried because I had anthropo-anthropomorphized the pillow. We’re all humans. We’re all in the same boat. Going down same lane, heading towards the same final destination. But pareidolia and morphism make our life much more beautiful and meaningful. As we project ourselves into everything and feel everything as human as us. I want you to look around yourself and look at things that you might have anthropomorphized or have had pareidolia with. I want you to look at the thing and look at it not as an object. For example, I have this pen with me, because I use ink pen and I never throw away pens I always end up losing them, and they never run out of ink. I can always refill them so they are like Immortals in their own sense. And I have named one of my pens. I want you to look at the objects that you have anthropomorphized. And I want you to recognize how much you love it. This is the Adwitiya Dixit. And I don’t know how to end this episode now. I have nothing more to say. So I’ll see you in the next one. Bye!

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Transcript for my Podcast (Ep. 04: Shower Playlists are Awesome)

Hey, guys. long time no see. I recently began a podcast and even though this blog is basically dead, I just wanted to let you know that I podcast now. I am using a voice recorder that physically creates a transcript for the podcast so I thought I would share the transcript over here for anybody who is interested in what I am doing every day. I am a podcaster now and this is where I will share the transcript for that podcasts. I hope you give me a listen as well, if not, you can read the transcript over here. Thank you.

This podcast can be found here:

I know that the last thing that I said to all of you was that hat I am going to make a podcast on Frankenstein next. It’s still on my to-do list but today I’m not going with the Frankenstein one. Okay. So, today I want to talk about something that’s been on my, my mind for a while now, and it’s something that I think everybody should adopt. It’s just a better use of your own internet and has your own mobile devices.

Hear me out. Okay?

I know that nothing says Gen Z or millennial more than going on the internet for everything that you need. I know this, and I agree with this. At the same time, I understand that the internet is a resource that can be used to its maximum potential. Every day, in every single aspect of our lives. Another thing before we go ahead, this is going to be short.

I am very thankful for the internet. And the reason why I am so thankful for the internet is that everything that I have ever achieved in my life is because of the internet, all the jobs that I’ve had, have been because of internet. I was a blogger, and because of that, I landed my first gig which was as a digital marketer.

And because of that, I landed a gig as a travel blogger. And because of that, I was also working for another company where I was an editor and everything that I have achieved so far in my life has been because of the internet.

And I know that people who are senior to me in age, do not understand why my immigration or the generation before me, has to go to the internet for every single thing that they come against, right, anything that happens in our life, we have a solution for it on the internet. We have doubt. We go to Google.

I mean this has gone so far that now we want to have sex, and we go on the internet. Right?

This has been going on for a while now, and it’s something that has been bothering senior generations I’m sorry a pause for a little while I was not sure that the recording was on or not. But what happened is that everything has become a part of the internet now. A few years ago if you wanted to wake up, you would set up an alarm on your mechanical clock. But then, it changed to digital clocks and then it changed to alarms on a mobile phone. And that way you always have control of when you want to wake up. What tone you want to wake you up and things like that. But now, a new thing has happened. Now you can set up an alarm in accordance with your own musical preferences, which get linked directly to your Spotify account, a huge shout out to Spotify for lighting up all our lives, and most probably you listening to this podcast on Spotify so it’s a quick shout out to all my Spotify listeners.

But now, on your own phone. If you go into the alarm section. There is an option of selecting the tone, and in that, you can select that your alarm plays from Spotify.

There are in fact dedicated playlists. To wake you up in the morning, and I think I can understand that. I don’t know if the generations before me can understand that. But I think that in a way they do understand this also because every day they wake up and listen to hymns. Pray to God. And that’s the right way to start your day. Right. And in a similar fashion, what my situation and degeneration right before mine. What we do is that we set up a morning playlist. To start the day off right.

In a good way to have a good healthy energetic day, we wake up, and we listen to a really pumping and pumping energetic song, and we start the day in the right direction. This is one of the things that I have been thinking about recently but this is not what I want. What I want you to think about. Right. What I want you to think about is how we take everything up to 11 nowadays. You had cabs, and then you had the facility to order motorcycles so that you can ride a bike on rent, and now you can order helicopter rides in countries like America where traffic is so much that it’s cheaper to go buy a helicopter.

And that just blows my mind right. Our generation blows everything up to 11. In a similar fashion, we have taken this concept of using songs that we already know, to wake up in the morning and we have kicked up by a notch.

Now what we do.

We have a sharp playlist. And I am absolutely in love with our playlist. Okay. Hear me out of this one. I know that you might think that I’m crazy, but sharply lists are absolutely the greatest pay me out of this world. Okay.

When you’re my age, okay? In the previous podcast. I told you that I am 23 years old. When you’re 30, or younger. I’m saying 30 in a very broad sense. Okay, so don’t get offended if you’re over the age of 30 by this statement. In fact, it’s rather the opposite. People who are below the age of 30 are going to be offended by this, but when you’re below the age of 30, you’re always late. And I know many of you have gotten it all together and you’re all serious and the thing now you’re all punctual and shit and I don’t understand that for some reason, I don’t know why I’m always late, but I attributed to my being young and reckless.

I think the young will be too late.

If I generalize, I know that the younger we are, the later we are. If you are younger, and you’re punctual, it means that you have all you should work out that you are all sincere and hard-working, and it’s a good thing. But it’s mature, it’s a major problem right that everybody’s always lead. Now, how do you keep up with time? What is the solution to keeping up the time you can’t look at the block all the time, right, a solution to this is that you have one of those old-time clocks that every time an hour passes it struck the bell how many hours have passed like the Big Ben, or cuckoo clock that we have. And I know that I’m going to be freely taking this away but I used to have an app on my phone which used to be. Once every time an hour passed. For example, if it was 12 it will be. Once, when it got again to one o’clock, it would be, again, when it got to two o’clock, it would be for the game, and so on. And that’s a great way to keep up with time. But the trouble with this is that it reminds you once in every.

Imagine if you’re waking up to go somewhere and you need to keep up with time. There are two solutions to this either. You keep checking the clock, again and again, which is inconvenient. You might get late and you know, might not realize that you are late. And the other solution is that you have something to remind you that you are getting laid incomes, the shower please hear me out on this one, I know that this sounds absurd, but it’s something really phenomenal. You know how people. Calculate distances in songs that the songs that like, there used to be a meme on Tumblr. A couple of years ago that I don’t know how far. My home is from my workplace but I know that it’s four songs away. Taking the approximation that as long as all four minutes, and the driver, whatever speed they’re driving. They can calculate the distances but the thing is that we always have music on. That’s another thing that is the people of my generation has developed and now the entire world is closed with it. We always have music on and it’s a good thing I think music is good. And it’s on so much. And it’s around us for so much time that now we use it as a medium of calculating distance and time. For example, let’s go back to the example that I was giving people no longer know what the distance is in kilometres, but they know how far it is in the same assume a similar thing has happened when it comes to short playlists when you get up in the morning and you are late. You run to the shower, and you hit your playlist on you ask your google assistant to help you out on this one and I’m not going to use the phrase because I know that my phone is going to pick it up, and I’m recording this podcast on my phone. That’s why I can’t use the command. But I will say the command and Spotify will start playing the music for me. And the thing is, the longer you hate the song, in terms of how long have you been listening to it for the more accurately you can pinpoint how much time you have left. And if you make a playlist of around three songs. The first song is just an okay okay song. A song that you like, but you don’t really like that much. And the middle song you put it as a song that’s a song that you’ve been listening to for a long while, and you’re a huge fan of and you know it by heart. Okay. And the third song you put a song that you absolutely hate.

A song that you really absolutely hate.

So what happens is when you go inside the bathroom and the boring songs the okay okay song plays, you take off all your clothes, you run the hot water and the cold water you mix up the water, and then you do all your preparations that you want to do for the bath. Then the next song comes in.

And that’s a song that you actually love you listen to the song you bump your hips to it, then groove to the music.

And as you do that.

You clean yourself up.

You take a bath.

And as soon as the bad song hits the song that you absolutely hate you no longer want to listen to music because it’s a song that you don’t want to listen to. And how are you going to pause that music?

If that music is playing on your phone you can just ask Google to do that for you. I mean who does that right? You quickly finish your show you dry yourself. And then you pause the music while you opposing the music, you go out and you dress up. And that’s the concept of sharp playlists. I understand that many times, sharply lists are not made for people like me who are always led.

That’s something that I use your playlists for.

But there’s another thing that playlists are famous for if you watch, friends, or if you have seen friends, a quick update that it has been confirmed that friends reunion is going to happen. So, that’s good news for all the friends fan out there. But if you have been if you have watched friends you know that there is that episode where Monica introduces Chandler to relaxing times in the Boston right. People also use Spotify playlists, to have, but to have relaxing, relaxing bands, you turn on the music you turn on some music some atmospheric music, something that’s purely instrumental, that’s really zen, and you just lay back in the fall asleep and round most probably because you’re not supposed to take that longer sure that long. But actually, but to each his own. I hate birds I like showers. Maybe you h us and you love parts. So, if you were into the box you may look into that sort of thing. But for me, I think, chocolates are something that is very amazing. I absolutely love them. And I think that it’s a concept that people don’t really drop in an instant. It’s something that you can see the charge off, but it looks very impractical. But now that your phones are getting water resisting, they are getting IPA ratings and water resistance and things like that. You can take your phone in the shop. It’s not going to get hard harmed. Okay. And don’t quote me on this okay I don’t want anyone of you to go to the code and say that I asked you to do this. If you’re doing that you must do it on your own risk. Okay.

But now that phones are getting safer it’s totally safe to take your phone over there.

And it’s such a time saver.

I cannot tell how much I enjoy my mornings, how much more I enjoy my showers and how much time I’m saving how I know exactly at what time, I’m going to go in and exactly at what time I’m going to come out because of the two songs that I listen to when I’m in there. I’m not going to share my shower playlist with you okay because that’s intimate, and it’s personal. But in today’s podcast, if there’s something that I want you to think about what’s your brain for your brain today, it’s that sharp podcast and sharp the lists are good. Not saying short podcast again it’s creepy if you’re taking a bath and if there’s a guy talking to you okay that’s creepy I understand that sharp realists sharp blades are great. They’re nice and you must allow them. At least you must try them all. Okay. So, I’ll see you at the next one.


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My Little Piece Of Heaven

And in a little while
For a little while
I’ll be
In my little piece of heaven
Everything for my everything
Everything for this everything
Every thing always has been
For this very thing
For my little piece of heaven
And soon I’ll rejoice
Sing off-key and hop terribly alike
And soon I’ll go back
To my everyday life
But for now I’m awake
And I feel alive
Because it may be for a little while
But I’ll be in my own
Little piece of heaven
In just a little while

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Lost Between The Lines

Here’s to the old ones
The ones who know what I am saying
The ones who remember an angel
The ones who remember winter
The ones who remember the stories
Here’s to the ones with secrets between books
Roses hidden in novels
Letter hidden within letters
Love confessed between the lines
Reading faith underneath the words
Repeating poets and Poe’s verse
Here’s to the ones
Who still remember
Because before long they’ll be gone
And the messages between the lines
Will be lost
And forever buried between the lines

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Bury Me

I want to live in your arms. Be the light of your eyes. And be buried in your heart. To begin with you and to end at you is all that I desire. To be what you want, to be how you want, to be all that you need, is my dearest desire. To be in your arms, and be buried in your heart is all that my I aspire.

I want a room, don’t care if it’s a small one, inside you heart. I’ll pay my dues regularly. I’ll pay the rent timely. Punctually. Right on the nose. I want to live in the northern state of Cardiac district. I’ll drive up and down to work, the driving doesn’t bother me. Because I’ll return home everyday. The home in your heart. And feel your peaceful light wash all over me, reviving me from any depths of sorrow or grief I’d be in and bathing me back in joy.

I want to live in your heart, be the cherries of your sight! Bury me in your heart heart and I assure I’ll be with you every hour of every day in jus a few years.

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The Sonority Of Your Requiem

Years! I can’t believe it has been years since I’ve heard the words for the first and the last time. Still they reverb, resonate, recoil, and echo in my ears. I don’t believe it’s been years. But it has been.

It has been years since you’ve been gone. Leaving me here. Cursed. Every day looks like a year. Every year a century. I’ve grown old and aged and decayed. And still I stroll the earth. Confined in spirals and columns. Trapped between arches and passages. Without your light brightening them, every thing looks like a cold, heartless dungeon. Without the cadence of your smile, the sun has withered and dried and decayed. And the moon refuses to come out in the absence of your sight and stays hidden behind the cloaks of clouds. Every hour a week. Without your voice, every second an hour.

And still… It seems as if it was just now that I was there. Watching your pale, lifeless face for the last time. And hearing those words as you were lowered.

The sonority of your requiem resides in me. The sonority of your requiem lulls me to sleep. The sonority of your requiem consoles me. The sonority of your requiem keeps me awake at night. It’s the sonority of your requiem that calms my terrified psyche. And it’s the sonority of your requiem that keeps me aware of the never-ending nightmare of suffering the pain.

And when I roam these halls. Cursed to be so. Forever here. Forever cold. Forever awake. Forever dull, lifeless, pale. It’s the sonority of your requiem that accompany me.

They’re the closest something can ever come to being you. It’s my companion now. My partner. Always and forever by my side. Tormenting and consoling me.

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On Fish and Martin

In this world
Of bowls of fish
Where everyone
Stuck in spherical prisons
Swimming around in the small
Shell of a world
Where everyone can see everything
But can never dare to leap
And be free

In this world
Where everyone is living
(Maybe not even living)
Inside fishbowls
She’s a Martin
Soaring and flying high
Leaving the mighty eagle behind
Soaring all around the world
And still returning back home

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I want you to weather with me
I want to see you morph
Watch you grow
Help you ripen
I want to see you smile
Every day
And watch the corners of your mouth
Crinkle and overlap
Loosen and wrinkle
And watch your smile retain it’s light
All throught the years

I want to watch you work
And cook with me when you come home
And watch your hands grip
Working elequently
And watch it mature
Age like a wine
One day, it’ll be so weathered
And I will watch it retain it’s strength
Holding mine throught the years

I want to watch your eyes through time
And see their glasses get thicker
I’ll watch you fumble for your glasses
And squint at fine print
And ask me to thread your needle
Still I’ll see them retain their light
And watch them get mature
With time you’ll weaken your sight
But their youth with endure

And I’ll watch you weather
By my side
Notice you staying young
As your body gets old

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I swear
I’ve never seen anything
Prettier than what I’m seeing
Right now
The innocence and sobriety
Dripping off your closed eyes
And grace residing in your curves
The turn on your cheek
The roundness on your lips
Like a child you grip
Arms around me
Fingers clutching my shirt
Burrowing deeper in my chest

And I swear
I look down at your face
And stroke your hair

And become incapable
Of doing anything else

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Walk With Me

Walk with me
Hand in hand
Arm in arm
And smell the scent of grass
As we walk barefoot on them
Let them tickle you
Let me feel your giggles shake me
And sonorous chuckles
vibrate my ribs
Walk with me
By my side
Our strides matching
In sync
In rhythm
And see the fireflies surround us
And see me see you
Taking you in
Memorizing every curve
and every corner
Walk with me
Accompany my every step
And I promise
We’ll walk on the roads that the moon makes
On the surfaces of lakes